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Bleach for Accurate yet Inexpensive Pregnancy Test
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Some newlyweds must expect the presence of the baby soon in their little family. That is why the wife always becomes exciting to do pregnancy test when the menstrual period did not come. Then as you know, today there are plenty kinds of pregnancy test that offer reliable accuracy, but of course with costly price. However, you still can try traditional way which is using bleach for pregnancy test. However, is the bleach pregnancy test accurate? Is it safe to do? How can bleach do the pregnancy test? All of those questions might be answered through this brief explanation below.

How Can Bleach Be Used for Pregnancy Test?

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Bleach is a kind of chemical liquid that can be found easily in household. Many people commonly use it to whiten the clothes, remove the stain, or even disinfection. Then, there is another function of bleach that has been done by many women since the olden days, that is for pregnancy test. Mostly, modern women donít know even donít believe that this liquid can indicate whether a woman is pregnant or not.†

Moreover, bleach is one of highly reactive chemicals. When bleach is mixed with any other chemicals or substances, it will usually react in a form of foam, steam, froth, bubble, and many more. You also can see the change when bleach comes into humanís hormone which is chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is created by placenta from developing fetus. So, it will react when the bleach comes into pregnant womanís urine. In the past, many women who cannot afford to buy pregnancy test from drugstore, prefer to use this method.

If you never tried this method, you must be not believing or even be curious of the accuracy. Is the bleach pregnancy test accurate? It cannot be denied that there is no pregnancy test with a hundred percent of accuracy. However, there are many women who prove that bleach is accurate for pregnancy test. There is no level of accuracy for the bleach in various prices. You can use any kinds of bleach brand, even the cheapest one.

However, one important thing you need to notice is to use the bleach that does not contain any artificial scent or dye. You must find many products of bleach that is added the scent or dye to give a better smell or to enhance its performance of cleaning the cloth. The regular bleach even can give you the best accuracy. Therefore, you do not need to buy the expensive bleach because it will not give any effect to the result of pregnancy test you did.

Besides, to do pregnancy test with bleach is also very simple. You do not need any big effort to find the bleach or even to do the method. What you need are only the bleach that can be easily found under the sink or laundry room, and a basin. You can put just few amount of bleach that is adequate to see the reaction. Then, you can pour the sample of your urine to the bleach. If you are pregnant, there will be chemical reaction like the foams or fizzes after some minutes. If you donít see any reaction, it shows negative result.

The method of bleach pregnancy test is simple to do, but you must be careful because it is a kind of dangerous chemicals. Actually, there are many other traditional ways you can do for pregnancy test besides using bleach. However, bleach is one of the best way that is easy to find and do, and of course inexpensive. So, if you want to know the answer of ďis the bleach pregnancy test accurate,Ē you can try it by yourself.

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